What Life Is All About


Have you ever wondered what is life what is it all about?

To me life is about loving one another, and sharing memories before you don’t have any left, and to have a shoulder to cry on and not to be left out of things because of your race, color, gender, or religion. To me life is a wonderful arrangement of colors and distinctions and amazing creatures and every time you look out the window you wonder what it looks like in space and once you blink in that split second you mind visualize the most unforgettable picture of how your imagination pictures things and guess what nobody will ever be able to take that away. Your imagination is you, you hold your own power in your hands so why not use it for good why not show the world who a true leader is, be you, be unique, aim for the moon but if you fall among the stars you are still on high ground. And just remember all of our dreams can be accomplished of we have the courage to persue them.


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